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In Normal Times – Appointments are generally held in-person, but they are not limited to that format.  A traditional appointment, generally includes an astrological – numerological study of the natal birth chart.  Depending on needs, it may or may not include progressions.  And, again on a case-by-case basis, it may or may not include the I Ching.  This portion of the appointment is provided by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee.  Along with this, in a Normal Times Appointment, Rev. Nancy Higgins is also present.  Nancy provides intuitive and shamanic insight.  It may or may not include quantum pendulum healing work.  A Normal Times Appointment Cost:  $125.    

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee and Rev. Nancy Higgins

In Pandemic Quarantine Times – Appointments are by Telephone.  This appointment is limited to Astrology / Numerology / I Ching study of the natal chart and perhaps progressions, with Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee.  Payment is required in advance.  Cost:  $75.

In Pandemic Quarantine Times – Quantum Pendulum Healing Appointments are provided as Distance Healing Work with a Telephone Consultation.  Contact Rev. Nancy Higgins for more information. 

Visit her website:  QuantumPendulumHealing.com

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