USA 2020 FORECAST: Proceeding Forward





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IMAGE: Light emerges from the earth.  It is a “call” to enlighten yourself, brightening your moral strengths.  Now is the time for self-improvement, to act with care, to make choices wisely.  While on the surface, this sounds like all difficulty is gone, that is not the case.  We are reminded that “increasing danger accompanies a rise in influence and wealth. . . . wealth and power gained by immoral means are as sturdy as clouds.  While many may trust . . . such a situation rarely lasts for long.”  At this time, falling into the trap of greed can be disastrous.  Even if you are of a good nature, this may not be sufficient for “all the pitfalls around you.”  Be cautious.

Source:  Margaret  J. Pearson,  The Original  I  Ching

IMAGE: There is one as a close advisor to the President who is not qualified for the position that he holds.  As a consequence he proceeds forward “like a rat” - acting without an honorable goal.  He is acting in greed.  The one in this position needs self-knowledge.   If he is not virtuous - if he is “as greedy as a big rat” - all actions will bring evil.  “The message of this gua is that one should not act without a goal, or be greedy, especially in a high position."

Source: Huang 35 - Line 4  Proceeding Forward

HEART OF THE MATTER - 39 HARDSHIP:  In a time of “hardship” it is not advisable to “just let things go” - instead, we need to act thoughtfully.  Consider the following:

What is the nature of the hardship?   Is it avoidable, or can it not be avoided?  With the right attitude, hardships can be overcome.  

In the times of hardship a country needs a great leader, associated with loyal officials and supported by the people with one heart and one mind.  This is a time when the people need to keep still. It is a time for self-reflection - it is not a time to give-up.  Sometimes we need to “yield to the situation and wait for a better time”.  Overcoming hardship depends on the correct time, situation and companions.

Source:  Huang - 39 Hardship


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