USA - 2019 - January - Six Day Challenges



2019 - January

Jan 02 - 07,2019        04 - Childhood / New Grass     Challenge: Line 3

The Challenge:

There are those times when one is drawn to the exterior presentation, without consideratin for the interior - who the person really is.  And there can even be a loss of of self.  In such moments, one is advised to be prudent before making any choices.  It is not advisable to change one’s mind the moment one sees something new.  It is important to establish a correct attitude in dealing with different persons and situations.  Do not “be taken” by the exterior. 

I-Ching Sources:  Huang & Blofeld


Jan 08 - 13        18 - Remedying          Challenge: Line 4

The Challenge: The one at this space is weak, not able to deal with important matters.  To deal with what happened to his predecessor, this character might procrastinate.  The approach is too generous;  if it continues this way, there will not be success, and it will end in regret.  THE MESSAGE:  In applying a remedy one should cure the cause instead of dealing with the symptom.

Jan 14 - 19        50 - Establishing the New        Challenge: Line 5

Jan 20 - 25        44 - Encountering                    Challenge: Line 6

Jan 26 - 31        28 - Excess                              Challenge:  Line 1

Source Materials for This Study by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee:

Method:  Astrology of I Ching  by W.A. Sherrill 

Translations of the I Ching: 

 The Complete I Ching: Definitive Translation by Taoist Master Alfred Huang

I Ching: Book of Change by John Blofeld


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