USA - 2018 - December 21 to 2019 - January 1 - Six Day Challenges



2018 - December:

Dec 21 -  26 - 2018:  27 - Nourishment    Line 1

The Challenge: Line 1There is a person of resolute character, who has put aside his spirituality and watches the person on high above him (The President?) eating, drooling.  He is “drooling” with greed. It is not a noble manner.”  He should rely upon himself in seeking nourishment for body and soul, but “instead, he seeks to profit  from other people’s toil.  This behavior ends in misfortune.”


Dec 27 - Jan 01 - 2019:    23 - Peeling             Challenge: Line 2

The Challenge:  "Evil forces are growing gradually and steadily.  If not stopped immediately, they become stronger.  In the end, they will cause one to fall away.”  It is a time of growing decay from the base up.  At this time, "there is a lack of wise teachers and helpful friends.”

I Ching Translation: Huang

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