29 - The Abyss - Darkness


Tone - Heart of the Matter:  27 - Nourishing

Huang, The Complete  I Ching


Huang, The Complete  I Ching

This is a time of grave danger.  There is darkness followed by more darkness, difficulty upon difficulty.  How do we deal with difficulties and danger?  Caution and precaution are called for.  Yet there are times when we cannot avoid difficult situations or danger.  

How do we deal with these times?

*  Remain calm and establish a positive attitude.

*  Be cautious and trusting.

*  When within darkness, “stay as calm as if walking on level ground”.

*  “Consider how to prevent the situation from worsening, then find a way to solve the problem.

Remember:  “One can always transform bad situations into something positive.  This is the core spirit of the I Ching.”

Huang,The Complete I Ching


The Challenge: 

It is still a difficult situation.  In the “darkness” of this time, there is danger.  At this point in time, we are not able to overcome the “difficulty and danger” totally;  but by being cautious and self-confident and understanding of the situation, we can strive to make little changes.

I-CHING TRANSLATION:   Huang - 29-L2 Darkness   

Heart of the Matter:

The wisdom of nourishing oneself and also other people.  We are cautioned to “be aware of how we nourish others and pay attention to what we eat and drink.”  Nurturing our Virtue is of high importance for not just the individual, but for society as a whole.  To nourish only one’s family is selfish.  To nourish and nurture a society is selfless.  Compared with nourishing our virtue, nurturing our body is secondary.  We are advised to be cautious of the words we use, to be moderate in our diet, and to do what we can provide nourishment and nurturing to the people.  This is important for the people, and it is important to be coming from the Highest Levels of Government to the People.  

I-CHING TRANSLATION:  Huang  - Mutual Gua: 27 Nourishing

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