64 - Not Yet Fulfilled

TONE - Heart of the Matter: 63 Already Fulfilled

There are times when life is in balance, when all is in perfect order and harmonious.  It is an ideal situation.  Yet, the wise sage knows that such a time indicates that things are at a climax - this perfect condition cannot last long; it will alternate to its opposite.  For that reason, it is a time for extreme caution.  Even if everything seems perfect, there is some imperfection that is not seen.  “When people find themselves in perfect situations, when they have achieved their goals, they tend to lose focus and drive.”  Again, caution is called for.

Source:  Huang -  63 Already Fulfilled  

Huang, The Complete  I Ching


We see the image of “having achieved one’s goal, but not yet having been fulfilled. There is a new cycle to come.  We are reminded that “before fullness there was emptiness.  Even when things are not perfect, there can still be balance.  

Yet this is a difficult time, a time of confusion, but there is still the promise of success.  It is the beginning of a new cycle - a transition from disorder to order.

Source: Huang, The Complete  I Ching



January 2 - 7, 2021

Focus - Line 3:

It is not the end of a cycle, and it is also the beginning of a new cycle.  The image of fire flaming upward and water flowing downward. Their actions move in opposite directions and dissociate, signifying a difficult situation.  There is no perfect equilibrium and no absolute correctness, yet there is still balance.  It is a difficult time; a time of confusion; but , there is still a promise of success. It is the beginning of a new cycle, a transition from disorder into order.  There is responsibility for one to bring the disordered situation back to order.  The Superior Person (One of Highest Integrity) discriminates carefully the nature of things and keeps each of them in its proper place. 


Focus - Line 4:

This is a difficult time.  One is able to finish one’s task, but it is difficult to for them to remain steadfast and upright (remaining steadfast and upright dissolves regret and invites good fortune).  At this time, there needs to be a determined effort to mobilize one’s strength and spirit, and make a great and sustained effort to fulfill one’s goal.

64 - Not Yet Fulfilled, Line 4

Source:  Huang



{Numerology: 64=10=1 (Venus, Uranus, Sun):  Proud of excitability}

I-Ching Source:  Blofeld


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