54 - Marrying Maiden


Tone - Heart of the Matter:  63 - Already Fulfilled

There are times when life is in balance, when all is in perfect order and harmonious.  It is an ideal situation.  Yet, the wise sage knows that such a time indicates that things are at a climax - this perfect condition cannot last long; it will alternate to its opposite.  For that reason, it is a time for extreme caution.  Even if everything seems perfect, there is some imperfection that is not seen.  “When people find themselves in perfect situations, when they have achieved their goals, they tend to lose focus and drive.”  Again, caution is called for.

Source:  Huang -  63 Already Fulfilled  

54 - Marrying Maiden

Relationship is a foundational piece in society.  Marriage is a symbol for relationship.  The foundation of marriage is love.  The foundation of a people within a larger entity - even a country - is universal love for all humanity, regardless of race, of age, of gender, of spiritual faith . . . Caring, concern, and mutual understanding are the essential elements for harmony.  

The Relationship between a President and an Official, may hold unseen intentions.  When faced with a potentially contentious situation, more can be gained by the one who is not in highest power through gentleness and docility, than through a confrontation for power.  Sometimes humility is necessary - especially if the one in leadership is a tyrant.

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