53 - Developing Gradually


Tone - Heart of the Matter: 64 - Not Yet Fulfilled

53 - Developing Gradually:

  • After a period of keeping still, there is opportunity to advance.  In advancing, one should move gradually.  Any kind of development should proceed in an orderly way and advance step by step.  In the rise of a kingdom (country) it grows and develops gradually.  The King (President) is appointed to a mission to manifest the will of Heaven.  He must be faithful.  Those in Leadership come and go in orderly progress, like swans flying, following one another.  They come and go according to “the season”.  This is a sacred process.

Challenge:  Line 6

Dec 12 - 17, 2021

  • One has become like the clouds, flowing back and forth in the sky without hindrance.  There is freedom from social bonds – a time of virtuous words and deeds – it is a time that is sacred.

Source:  Huang, The Complete I Ching

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