52 - Keeping Still


Tone - Heart of the Matter:  40 - Relief


Events cannot continue in motion without stopping.  It is time to keep at rest.  Then a new cycle will start again.  Keeping Still is not keeping merely the body still but the mind and spirit as well – “sitting in stillness” or “nourishing the spirit.”  This is a self-disciplinary training – one is able to control the mind and breath, to be inspective about one’s shortcomings, and to cultivate inner strength and virtue.  When in a state of stillness, one is oblivious to one’s surroundings.  This is the highest stage of non attachment.  In such a state  there is no fault in one’s being.  It is believed when Heaven is about to confer a great mission on a person, it first exercises their mind and spirit with discipline.  Keeping Still is meant to prepare one’s mind and spirit to progress when the time comes.  


Line 5:  Walking the central path one knows when and where to talk, and where to stop talking.  He is able to choose his words correctly – regret vanishes.  Warning:  One should be responsible for what one says.  

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