49 - Abolishing the Old


Tone - Heart of the Matter: 44 - Encountering

49 - Abolishing the Old / Molting / Shedding

Shedding - the Timely Discard of Debris, likened to a wildfire sweeping through a marsh or to the annual reforms of government (the character of molting can be translated as “revolution”).  Often it is not easy - it is disruptive  - and, often it is necessary.

THE CHALLENGE - Line 3:  Things have gone too far.  It is time to take action; however, there is one at this place who tends to act with undue haste.  The Leader needs to be steadfast and upright and explain the purpose of change over and over again;  if the purpose for change is fully discussed, confidence and trust can be restored.  In taking action for sudden change, communication with people is important.  A strong leader (President) does not bring about radical reform after a successful revolution.  He explains the purpose for the change at least three times.  He shows mercy to those he has overcome.  Consolation and help in settling down in their homes (home towns), brings love and esteem from the people.


FEB 7 -12, 2019.

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