48 - Replenshing


Tone - Heart of the Matter:  38 - The Estranged

The Image:  Fire Above a Marshy Lake.  

 We are presented an image of two, living under the same roof, whose wishes are not in accord.  But when joy and radiance are put together - what radiance!  

At this time, good fortune may be found in small endeavours.  While the people may be separated, they are at one in their activity.  Even those who appear to be on opposite sides of the fence, desire union.  Everything has its own separateness at this time, and purposes are accomplished  according the focus of the one desiring that purpose at this specific time.

I-Ching Source:  Huang / Blofeld

48 - Replenishing

After becoming exhausted, one needs replenishing.  In order to replenish people, the leader of a community, a home, a country must first have a source that is inexhaustible.  According to ancient wisdom, the only way to assure that the supply is inexhaustible is to make the best possible use of the people and resources, and let the commodities flow abundantly into the market.  There is wisdom in employing virtuous people.  Selecting the virtuous and able is always an important task of the king (the President).  Things may change, but the desire of the President to replenish the people never changes.

Challenge - Line 1:  The muddy waters at the bottom of the well are undrinkable.  Our affairs take a downward trend.  It is time to give-up.  The situaiton is bad.  If one in this place is not able to live in accord with the time and make adjustments, one will be deserted.


JAN 26 -31, 2021


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