43 - Eliminating / Resolution


Tone - Heart of the Matter: 01 - Initiating

Huang, The Complete  I Ching

43 - Eliminating / Resolution

When a proclamation is made at the Office of the President, frankness in revealing the true state of affairs about vital matters is dangerous.  In making announcements to the people of the country, it is not fitting for the President to be “armed” - on the defense - on the attack.  It is better to repose trust in our own people.  It is favorable to have in view some goal or destination.  The President and those in the highest levels of government - the Legislators, Governors, and Mayors - determine the affairs of the people;  the strong determine the affairs of the weak.  It is advisable to combine strength with cheerfulness and resolution with peacefulness.  If the President is aggressive, ready to battle with others, he forfeits the respect of the people for whom he serves.  Here we see a President who has prospered exceedingly, and comes to an end at the top.  

I Ching Source: Blofeld


Focus - Line 2:  Raising an alarm and calling-out.  One at this place is able to mold his firmness with gentleness and temper his strength with wisdom.  When eliminating evil, he is able to be on guard against his opponent’s attack and does not take any reckless action.  He pursues the middle course.

IN FOCUS:  2019: FEB 01-06

Focus - Line 5:   At this point in time, the President, with the tenacity of spinach sticking between the teeth, chooses the middle-road, where he hopes to do “well enough”, but does not do very well.  He acts “blamelessly”  - I am not responsible!  - but not brilliantly!

2020 - IN FOCUS:  FEB 01 - 06;   JUNE 26 - JULY 01.

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