03 - Difficulty


Tone - Heart of the Matter: Falling Away

In human society this suggests a time when there is a “process of declining, or the falling away of a social system or a moral standard.”  It is a time when the Foundation is Not Solid.  Weaker elements have “nibbled away” at the core, becoming "strong enough to cause the moral degeneration" of what had been the strength of the USA.  “When evil runs rampant, it is sure to affect what is good and correct.  In the course of history many great empires have decayed and fallen away.”  Often this occurs after experiencing a victory, and everyone becomes too lax in their discipline, with a decay in life following.  To turn the situation within the country around, it requires a central government that stands firm, and provides a positive influence by providing a positive change in the situation.  A new cycle then begins.  

Huang, The Complete  I Ching, 23 -Falling Away


A newly established situation is full of the potential to develop;  yet there are latent difficulties.  At the beginning there was irregularity and disorder.  One is in a position to establish “power positions / appointments” for security.  A latent power will sprout, but in a difficult situation.  When one faces difficulty at an initial stage, no matter how powerful one is, nothing should be taken for granted.  

Guiding Principle:  Care should be taken at the beginning of an undertaking.  The time is favorable only for persevering in “making appointments of leaders” in order to accumulate strength and to lay the foundation for a new dynasty.  His strength is needed to grow as strong as a rock and as firm as a tree.  Without first knowing the situation, launching an expedition would be like chasing a deer without a guide in the midst of the woods.  It is a favorable time only for small things.

I Ching Source:  HUANG  


Focus - Line 2 - The Challenge:   Yet, at this time, one makes no progress - one just goes back and forth.  Something has been birthed beyond his control.  Whatever he wants is being rejected.  It will be a very long wait, a gradual return to normal conditions.  A willing delay will be well rewarded after that time.

2020 - IN FOCUS:  

JAN 14-19;  AUG 19-24


CHALLENGE - Line 5:  One’s brilliance is hidden in the dark depths and not yet recognized.  It is only favorable to proceed with small endeavours, with steadfastness and uprightness.  Retreat and preserve your energy - wait for the right time.

Astrology: FEB 2019:  Transiting Saturn conjunct USA-Pluto:  Working to achieve success.  Participation in mass efforts.  (Negative:  Being cheated of success for work done.  Suffering from violence.

2019 - IN FOCUS: 

FEB 19 - 24


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