USA-Destiny and Life Path

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2020:  Astrology:  SA Moon = Sun  Suggesting a sensitivity to need fulfillment. (See The Birth of the USA). 


DESTINY: 23 = 5 

Growth and change are central to the life of the USA.  There ebbs and flows in the emotions.  There is an effort to see both sides of issues, and at times this can reach a point of confusion.  At such times it is likely that something unexpected may happen which brings forth the correct answer.  It is a sort of “safety valve” for the country.  

There is a dynamic need for the people to always be learning in order to be dynamic and to eliminate the tendency to “just go with the flow.”   Growth and Change is a central part of the life of the USA.

Additionally, there is a “knowing” that there is “Higher Power” (i.e. God) which brings forth the presence of the spirituality and of religiosity.

The USA is always progressing, and this in turn produces a compulsion for the people to be rearranging their lives and their methods of living.  

There is good support in the USA for government affairs, and legal matters.  And there is an underlying energy that ultimately demands that things “must be done right and above board.”  Things cannot remain hidden forever.

USA Life Path / Life Lesson:  32 = 5

AMERICA holds the vibration of Freedom and Individuality which are very much part of the Life Path of the USA, and there are also many lessons to be learned in this journey.  

Central to the life of America is “universal service and brotherly/sisterly love.  America is a “builder” and stands on a “firm foundation. 

Creativity - Detail - and Work are core pieces for the USA. Career, College, Cultured and Logical states of being are important to the life of the USA.  

USA Life Lessons:  If not lived positively, this will be evidenced in the life of the country.  It will be seen by activities that “condemn”, “despise”, “fight”, “oppose”, “psycho” behavior, people that “quibble”, being “shrewd”, showing “temper”, activities that “vandalize”, things that are “weird”.  All of this are an evidence of the country Not Living Up To Its Life Path.

Wisdom:  50 = 5

As the USA grows and develops, it enters into a time of “Wisdom”.  In “Wisdom” we see this state of being reflected in the people and the Leaders of the Country.  We see them being:  Adaptable, Alert, Analytical, Attractive, Charming, Clever, Courageous, Curious, Dynamic.  Each gets along with all types of people; learns to languages easily.  The people love freedom, love to travel.  People are popular, social, want adventure, and can be witty.  And, here we find the “super salesman”.

If growth is negative, we see the people and the leaders being careless, discontent, impatient, impulsive, irresponsible, procrastinating, being restless, and taking dangerous chances.

And if they reach a Destructive State, we find the gambler, overindulging the senses in sex, drugs, alcohol, or food.  There can be rudeness.

“5” Mercury - The Planet of Communication - High Focus in the USA.

As a People, pay attention to these watchwords, and work to developing and maintaining the USA in its most positive form.  We can do this through our own actions and through the choices we make in choosing our Leadership.


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