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The United States of America is a living entity, as are all parts of the world.  As a Country it is greatly impacted by the People and by those who are in Highest Governmental Positions.   And, just as the lives of individuals have ebbs and flows of energy on many levels, so does a country.   They are all intricately connected. 

Much of this study is referencing the leadership of the country, and this travels on down to the people.  References to “the king” certainly infers the President.  Highest Leadership suggests elected officials and those serving closest.  And “the people” represents everyone else.  


What is the I Ching?

The “I Ching” is considered perhaps the oldest existing sacred text.   It comes for ancient China, and is a binary system consisting of 64 images with each line carrying a different message.  It assumes and ebb and flow which measures time and the temperament of the time and its people.  The central point is a goal for harmony and well-being.  It provides a measurement of the cycles of time.  In many ways, the individual readings are a ffb v v


The Annual “Tone” and “Challenges" of the USA: 2018 - 2027.

Six Day “Challenges” for the USA: 2018 - 2021 - A Study of each six day period, exploring its “climate” and its “Challenge” for that period.  

Explore the Six Day Challenges for 2021!


Guidance:  As you read the entries, remember:

This is for the USA, its President, its Legislature, its Governing Bodies of All Levels, and its Citizens - the People of the USA.  

Consider the Events of The Time Presented.  

How do you see this pertaining to the Country, Its Leaders, Its People, and To You Personally?  

Remember:  We the People ARE THE USA.  Through our thoughts, words, and actions, we are like atoms within the body.  

This Study is a sort of “weather report” of the ebbs and flows of the life of this country.  It presents likely potentials at given dimensions of time.  And these potentials can be lived in a postive or negative way.  

Those governing carry much power.  Their words and actions impact everyone.  And We the People choose them by making a choice To Vote or Not To Vote;  and by choosing candidates of virtue or of lesser virtue.  Those choices all assist in determining “the weather” of the USA at given points in time.

This Report provides insight into the types of events that are likely at this time.  The Philosophy of the I Ching is that life goes through natural ebbs and flows of energy. And all of those ebbs and flows are for the purpose of pushing us to make choices for our Soul Growth.  We are pushed to move away from actions which may bring us harm;  we are pushed by events, by the “weather” of the times to make choices.  We all make a difference.

May This Provide Insight for You In the Journey with the USA.

What is the I Ching?  

The translations are based upon an ancient sacred text from China.  It is thought to be the oldest existing sacred text.  It is composed of 64 chapters, called “guas” or “hexagrams” which are numbered.  And each contains six lines, which carry either yin (feminine) or yang (masculine) energy.  It is a complex system of possibilities tracing the Change of Time.

Techniques for receiving guidance have been presented over the years.  This text can give profound insight.  

This is a study the country, and it is based upon the Birth Information of the USA, just as astrology and numerology also use that information.  And, this is applied to techniques which have evolved to provide guidance and insight into the life cycles of this country, its president and leaders, and, also for the citizens.


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Ultimately, we are all on a journey of soul growth.  

I-CHING TRANSLATION:  The Complete I-Ching: The Definitive Translation, by Taoist Master Alfred Huang, Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions, 1998.

Methodology of the Research Adapted From:  Astrology of I Ching  by W.A. Sherrill. 

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