The United States of America is a living entity, as are all parts of the world.  As a Country it is greatly impacted by the People and by those who are in Highest Governmental Positions.   And, just as the lives of individuals have ebbs and flows of energy on many levels, so does a country.   They are all intricately connected. 

Much of this study is referencing the leadership of the country, and this travels on down to the people.  References to “the king” certainly infers the President.  Highest Leadership suggests elected officials and those serving closest.  And “the people” represents everyone else.  


What is the I Ching?

The “I Ching” is considered perhaps the oldest existing sacred text.   It comes for ancient China, and is a binary system consisting of 64 images composed of six lines representing either Yin (__  __) or Yang (_____) energies.   Each line carries a different message that pertains to the message of the whole image (called a gua or hexagram).  

The gua is a measure of the likely ebb and flow of energies which impact the temperament of the times, the place, its leaders, and its people.  The central point is a goal for harmony and well-being. In many way it is a like a “weather report” of the times and the peoples.


THE REPORT: A Measure of the Potentials & Challenges for the USA from Winter Solstice 2018 to Winter Solstice 2027

The structure of the report presents a look at the overall energy for the year running from Winter Solstice to Winter Solstice.  It further breaks-down the year into “Six Day Increments” which provide a more focused look at potential energies that may be in play for the USA, the President, Legislatures, and Peoples of the USA.  In many ways it is an exploration into the Temperament of the Times.

Explore the Six Day Challenges for 2021!


Guidance:  As you read the entries, remember:

This is a study the country, the USA, and it is based upon the Birth Information of the USA, just as astrology and numerology also use that information.  And, this is applied to techniques which have evolved to provide guidance and insight into the life cycles of this country, its president and leaders, and, also for the citizens.

Consider how it applies to you, the country and its leaders;  Consider what actual events are occurring at that time, and what insight is provided by the text.

Remember:  Like a weather forecast, there are ebbs and flows.  Follow the energies at play and what they reveal to you about the Climate of the Country and its People.  


Source Materials


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Methodology of the Research Adapted From:  Astrology of I Ching  by W.A. Sherrill. 

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