About the Progressed I Ching Cycles of the USA 


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Winter Solstice 2019 - Winter Solstice 2020

The Progressions of the USA are Passing Through Line 1 of the 27th Hexagram, Jaws (aka Nourishment) at the following times:

Age 82   - Age 90:    Winter Solstice 1857 to Winter Solstice 1890

Age 163 - Age 170:  Winter Solstice 1938 - Winter Solstice 1945

Age 244 - Age 252:  Winter Solstice 2019 - Winter Solstice 2026

USA PreHeaven: 27  Jaws (Nourishment)                USA Later Heaven:  15 Modesty

42 Years are Spent In Jaws (Nourishment)   then    39 Years in Modesty

Current:    27  Jaws (Nourishment)


                 ___  ___

                 ___  ___

                 ___  ___

                 ___  ___

WS-2019  ________   WS-2027   Line 1

The above gua (hexagram) encompasses the energies which will be at play for quite some time.  This Study is focused on the current period which is focused in the energy the first line.  Solid lines are Yang Energy;  Broken lines are Yin Energy.  

And, off of this Primary Hexagram, Jaws, in six day periods, energies travel in and out of the 64 hexagrams which compose the I Ching.  And, within these, one of the lines will be of primary focus.  

This is a very complex system which entails years of study to fully comprehend.  I the years in which I have studied this system and utilized its processes, it has proven to be extremely accurate. 

It is my hope, that if we can begin to see our country, the USA, as  “living entity”, and see ourselves as its “life energy”, we can begin to see the importance that each of us plays in supporting or bringing (dis)-ease into its being.  

The Sacred Text - The  I Ching (Book of Change) - provides insight and guidance for pathways to achieve Harmony on the Highest Spiritual Levels.  

© Rev. Mary A. Tourjee 2019, 2020, 2021