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Due to the Pandemic, In-Person Appointments are not available. 


Chart Preparation with a Telephone Consult (generally 1 Hour) and a written report sent by Email to the Client.

Reports may be prepared with Astrology and/or Numerology.

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To Schedule Your Appointment, Please Email Mary Ann: .   

About the First Appointment:  

This appointment normally is  four - seven days from the time of request and receipt of advance payment.  Typically, the appointment is four - seven days later.  



(If the Time of Birth is not available, the focus will be limited to Numerology Only).

During the appointment Mary Ann will be in conversation with you about the horoscope and your life journey.  This dialogue will provide the opportunity for making “connections” and exploring avenues for your spiritual healing and development.  Often, better understanding of times-past comes forward, and, confirmation for plans upcoming.    

Much like a weather forecast, the horoscope is about energies surrounding the life, and the potentials.  There may be high likelihoods for types of events, but, nothing is written in stone.  So much depends upon the individual choices in the life.  However, sometimes, by understanding the horoscope, an awareness of potentials comes forward which suggests avenues for consideration in the journey.  The natal horoscope can reveal so much!

Prior to the appointment much advance work is done in preparation for the appointment.  Please send the following information when the appointment is scheduled.

Mary Ann approaches the work meditatively, and follows inner guidance.  Preliminary work may include Astrology, Numerology, and/or Astrology of the I Ching. 

Cost:  $150.   Astro-Numerology  Telephone Consultation and Written Report (sent via email).  Payment in Full by Cash or Check is required.  Mailing instructions will be given at the time of request for the appointment.  Upon receipt of payment, work will begin.

Astrology Only:  $125.

Numerology Only: $125.

Astro-Numerology (Combininb the two): $150

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