Flower of Peace by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

The Road Less Traveled

Life is a journey, and so often the most profound moments are found along the road less traveled.  Astro-Numerology is one of those roads!

The name you were give at birth, the date, time, and place you were born are all part of the master blueprint for this lifetime journey.  Through Numerology much is shown by the name and date of birth;  Astrology digs deeper with the addition of the time and place of birth;  and the I Ching Astrology provides another dimension to the ebbs and flows of the life flow.  

It is important to understand, that this is NOT Fortune Telling.  It is a study of a blueprint for life potentials.  Your free-will-choice is always at play.  However, you may find that you discover things about yourself which greatly assist you in the journey!


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