About Us

Mary Ann and Nancy met in 2005.

In July 2005, Mary Ann was appointed Local Pastor at the United Methodist Church in Greenfield, MA. 

Nancy Higgins served and attended at that church.  In November 2005, Nancy went on a spiritual quest to India, where she was transformed. 

Nancy is also a Shaman, and monthly held a Sweat Lodge on her property.  In 2006, Mary Ann attended and later assisted Nancy in the Sweat Lodge.  There spiritual connections were strong and quickly developed.  In 2006 — 2007, Mary Ann experienced a major breaking down and rebuilding of her Spiritual Foundation.  Daily 4:00 a.m. Meditations became a regular practice. 

December 2007, Nancy and Mary Ann founded the Spiritual Healing Temple in South Deerfield, MA. 

Their work grew and developed as breathing entity as each followed Guidance from Spirit.  Soon each enrolled  with the New Seminary in New York City for the Course of Study to be Ordained as Interfaith Ministers.  In January 2008, Mary Ann followed Spirit Direction and left her ministry appointment at the UMC – her beliefs were far beyond their walls.   

In May 2009, Mary Ann and Nancy were Ordained as Interfaith Ministers!  It was one of the most meaningful moments in both of their lives. 



Ordination Class 2009

On April 27, 2013, Mary Ann & Nancy were wed at the Spiritual Healing Temple with a large gathering of friends with them to celebrate that day!

Since that time, their work has continue to evolve and change.  Today, they work in their home.  This work has included a small gathering of women for a Weekly Meditation and Private Sessions with primarily women.  Most of these sessions include both Mary Ann & Nancy.  If requested by the Client, a one-on-one session is held as requested.  Mary Ann works with Astrology, Numerology, and the I Ching in her assistance with the Client (all sessions are different, depending on the needs presenting).  Nancy primarily does energetic balancing for well-being, often working with pendulums which are designed for specific purposes.

To Learn More about Nancy and the Quantum Pendulum Healing, visit her website, QuantumPendulumHealing.com