About the I Ching


The I Ching, also called The Book of Change, is considered to be perhaps the oldest sacred text.  It comes from Ancient China.  The  text consists of 64 gua or hexagrams which are composed of six lines which are either solid Yang Lines and/or  broken Yin Lines.  Depending on the placement of these lines the 64 hexagrams composed of six lines each are formed. 

When one works with the I Ching, it is a sacred, spiritual process.  It is a process that is complex, and requires an understanding of the sacred text in its interpretation.  Its focus is one of guidance for walking the Central Path.  With proper use, it can capture the moment in time, and in an uncanny way, come forth with the heart of the issues at hand.

There are various techniques for working with this text.  Prior to working with this text, Mary Ann centers in a meditative state seeking guidance for the best approach with the work that is upcoming.  She follows that guidance.

Astrology of the I Ching is one avenue which she may take.  It is a process which is not computerized, and is all done by hand  with the I Ching text.  She works with the translations that present most appropriate at that given time.

Generally, the I Ching is an “in addition to” component of an appointment.