About Numerology


The moment you were  – born in time, in space – is a mystical time of union of the universal energies.  “As above, so below”.  

In a moment in time your life energies are synchronized with the planetary dance  that is with you throughout your life journey.  “As above, so below” . . .  It is a sacred moment that brings together the physical and the non-physical, a melding space of time, body and soul. And, yet, there is something unique that defines each of us in our own individuality — the great Mystery. 

By studying the numerology of your Birth Name and your Date of Birth, much can be revealed about your life journey.  By studying the progression of the Life traveling through the name, we can get a glimpse of what the energies at a specific time are likely to be.  When the numbers are translated into the planets, and this is combined with Astrology and its study of the progressions of the planets, much, much more is revealed!  And when, the central numbers are applied to the I Ching, the information provided is of even more value.  Everything can be translated into numbers;  numbers can be translated into planets;  numbers can be interpreted on many levels, including within the I Ching.  The synchronicity that is seen within this process, over and over again, is amazing!

These are the components of a typical appointment.