About Astrology

Geometric Drawing of the Astrological  Wheel by Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee

Astrology is anchored in “as above, so below”.  In ancient times, there were those who studied the patterns of life against the patterns of the stars.  The Wise Men in the Bible were among those.  When they saw the “Star of Bethlehem” they knew what it meant!    

A study of the Birth Chart which is created from the place of birth and the exact time of birth, reveals the temperament under which the life is likely to develop.  It is important to understand that Astrology does not predict;  Astrology does suggest high likelihood of certain types of events.  However, we all have free-will choice.  Ultimately, if we allow our souls to grow and change, events which may be likely will have a much lesser impact, or may be perceived in a much different way!                

A Study of the Birth Chart combined with the Movement of the Planets (Transits) and the annual Progressions, can provide insight into the temperament of the times in which one lives.  It is amazing how accurately the progressed chart can reveal the very high likelihood of a major move and so much more!  

The moment you were born — in time, in space — is a mystical time of synchronicity with the universal energies.  Indeed, it is a moment of “As Above, So Below”!   It is a sacred moment that brings together the physical and the non-physical, a melding of time, body, and soul.  And yet, there is something unique that defines each of us in our own individuality — the Great Mystery!

An Astrological Study delves into these Mysteries.  It is a private time of sharing and contemplation.