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Astrologer, Numerologist, & Interfaith Minister

“As above, so below”. . . the ancients understood this well, and from that, astrology came into being. 

Mary Ann began her studies with Numerology – the Science of Numbers – which reveals so much  through the birth name and birthdate! From that beginning, she soon realized that to truly understand numbers, she must learn astrology. Astrology provides the opportunity to assist others to better understand their own life energies, and even how that energy interacts with another in relationship.  Ultimately, Astrology can provide a better understanding of who we are, and of the energies surrounding the happenings in the life.  Astrology, Numerology, and the Astrology of the I Ching provide a glimpse of the blueprint of the life, or more specifically, of the ebb and flow of the energies surrounding the life.  

Mary Ann received her Foundation Training in Astrology through the Faculty of Astrology Studies in the United Kingdom. Currently, she is in formal study for her Master of Astrology of Certification with Master Astrologers, Noel Tyl & Basil Fearrington.   She views all that she does as a “life-long study” because there is always so much more to learn and understand!


Numbers are a universal language, and Mary Ann offers introductory classes about numerology, how to discover much about yourself and your life journey through your name, birth date and more!  If this is an area that interests you, contact Mary Ann to see when an upcoming class will be held.  Email: SpiritualHealingTemple@gmail.com . 

About Mary Ann:

After many years raising children and working as a Certified Professional Librarian, Mary Ann was “called”: first into ministry as a Local Pastor in the United Methodist Church; then . . . into the world of the Saints, the Angels & Archangels;  and, into the unexpected . . .  the world of the Shaman & Healer - the world of Grandmother Standing Bear, aka Nancy Higgins.  As all unfolded rapidly, in 2006,  “the doors opened” and her journey of a lifetime truly began!  Numerology became the gateway to the World of Astrology; and the study of the I Ching amazingly blended with all that she knew, and was to come to know - it, too, translated into numbers! And these, along with shamanism, angels, and oh, so much more, broke-down the constricted walls of “Methodism”, opening the doors . . . calling her to learn more . . . to be more . . . In January 2008, Mary Ann followed Spirit’s guidance & left United Methodist Ministry.  Mary Ann and Nancy answered their “call” to work together.   

The Course of Formal Study: 

Mary Ann has been studying and practicing numerology, the I Ching, and astrology since 2006.   Introductory Study has included:  Foundational Studies of Astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the United Kingdom.  Currently, Mary Ann is working toward completion of the Noel Tyl Master’s Degree  Certification Course in Astrology.  She feels blessed to have had the opportunity to study directly with El Maestro, Noel Tyl and, more recently, with Master Astrologer, Basil Fearrington


Bachelor of Arts, English & Theatre, 1977.  

Master of Science, Library Science, 1979.  Certified Professional Librarian in Massachusetts.  


The “Call” to Ministry, June 1999;  

Local Pastor, UMC, 2005 - 2008.  

Coursework toward the Master of Divinity, 1999 -  2005 (30+ hours completed, Andover Newton); 

Interfaith Ministry Course of Study for Ordination (The New Seminary, NYC), 2007-2009, Ordained: 2009.  


Foundation in Astrology Course with the Faculty of Astrological Study in the UK, 2013 -  2015;  

Noel Tyl’s Master Certification Course of Study in Astrology, Lessons 1 - 10, Teacher: El Maestro, Noel Tyl March 2016 - Dec 2018 (Noel Retired);  Master Astrologer, Basil Fearrington, Dec 2018 - Completion

The Spiritual Journey:

Mary Ann and Nancy, 2009:  Ordination Retreat


Class of 2009, Ordination Retreat (Rev. Nancy, front line left end;  Rev. Mary Ann, back-row and sixth from the left end.

Rev. Mary Ann Tourjee and wife, Rev. Nancy Higgins are both Ordained Interfaith Ministers.  Mary Ann served as Local Pastor in the United Methodist Church before moving beyond the beliefs of that faith tradition, and embracing the Interfaith Path.  In 2007, Mary Ann & Nancy entered formal Interfaith Ministry Study for Ordination, and were Ordained as Interfaith Minisiters through the New Seminary in NYC, in 2009.   Interfaith Ministry embraces All Faith Paths of the Light;  it is a ministry that is never in place of, always in addition to the root faith path.

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