About Astrology


Geometric Drawing by Mary Ann Tourjee

The moment you were  – born in time, in space – is a mystical time of union of the universal energies.  “As above, so below”.  

In a moment in time your life energies are synchronized with the planetary dance  that is with you throughout your life journey.  "As above, so below” . . .  It is a sacred moment that brings together the physical and the non-physical, a melding space of time, body and soul. And, yet, there is something unique that defines each of us in our own individuality — the great Mystery. 

Our Creator has given each of us the right to choose freely the materials that we incorporate into our bodies, our minds and ultimately our souls. However you must remember that whatever you incorporate into yourself ultimately becomes an integral part of you.  The food you eat, the thoughts you think eventually become YOU. 

In the New Testament of the Bible, in the ninth chapter of Luke is a parable of feeding the multitudes with five loaves of bread and two fishes.  Those who know the rich and beautiful symbolism of astrology will immediately recognize the correspondence between this parable and symbolism of Virgo, representing the grain of wheat, and its opposite sign Pisces, which represents the fishes.  Virgo symbolizes food from plant sources;  Pisces food from the animal kingdom.  In the horoscope these two signs are the natural rulers of the sixth and twelfth house, which deal  with the health and sustenance of the physical body.”                                              — Robert Karl Jansky, Astrologer

Astrology is an Ancient Science, a sacred study which reveals much about the life journey, reflecting the potential challenges and rewards that the soul needs to experience in this lifetime — all for soul growth in the ongoing journey to be what we are meant to be!  

© Mary Tourjee 2019